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Underground Railroad Bicycle Route

On this freedom ride, everyone is on their own journey

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath


Miles Outside Dehydrated Baby Food

Miles Outside

Yes, you can take your baby backpacking and here’s one thing to make the job easier. Read More >>


Torrent Falls, KY

Torrent Falls is located in a natural sandstone amphitheater.

So you want to be a rock climber but have no skills and no gear? No problem. Read More >>

Knobstone Trail, IN

Hiking the Knobstone Trail. Photo by Abby Laub.

Often described as Indiana's Appalachian Trail, the craggy Knobstone Trail has its own set of charms. Read More >>

Skill Set

Dehydrate Your Own Backpacking Meals

First, cook your meal. (Photos by Mary Reed)

When Lance Glasgow set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2006, he knew he’d need more than Ramen noodles and instant potatoes to get him through. Read More >>

Health and NUTrition

Pack Healthy Trail Meals

Yes, that's our attempt at a food pyramid. Photo by Mary Reed and Attila Horvath.

Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fat – can you really get all the nutrition you need when packing your meals for an active weekend (or longer) outing? Read More >>

Backcountry Gourmet


Mmm mmm. SPAMalicious. Photo by Mary Reed.

You’ll be happy to scarf down these SPAM-enhanced quesadillas after a long day on the trail. Feeds: 4 Hawaiians or hungry mountaineers Prep time: 40 minutes, preparing one at a time Read More >>