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Element Bars

Element Bars, the DIY energy bars. Photo by Attila Horvath.

File this one under Great Idea – or maybe, Idea I Wish I’d Had. The Element Bar is a DIY energy bar that you make with the click of a mouse.

Log on to, select your ingredients (core, fruit, nut, sweet, boost – the boost options are ingredients like omega 3 and “immunity”) and watch as the nutrition panel on the side of the screen adjusts with the addition of each ingredient. You won’t see any options for high fructose corn syrup or transfats. Then – here’s the best part – you get to name the bar. Most ingredients are organic, the texture holds together well and you can control the amount of sweetness.

Element Bars are a good gift for yourself and others. Buy a case for your friend who is heading out on an epic adventure trip or order some for a friend’s birthday – they’re good for just about any occasion.

Downside: The packaging looks a little too DIY

Cost: $36 for a case of 12

Buy it at: