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Random Rides in East-Central Kentucky

Random Rides in East-Central Kentucky by Jerrell Goodpaster.

If you’re getting bored with pedaling the same old roads this season, grab this guidebook and start scheming. Author Jerrell Goodpaster includes 44 rides in east-central (around Lexington) Kentucky ranging from a 7-mile jaunt to a 90-mile monster with over 14,000 feet of climbing. There are viable options for all levels of riding ability, though the bulk of the routes are in the 20 to 50 mile range. Hard core riders will likely read this book from back to front, since the rides are arranged in order of length.

The basics needed to embark on new cycling journeys are present here, like where to park your car, directions, route maps and elevation profiles. The turn-by-turn cues are smartly printed on the same page as the route map, and useful appendices are here too: rides are listed by elevation gain, difficulty and quality for quick reference.

The author’s enthusiasm for the rides and his slightly acidic humor is difficult to appreciate because you’re forced to wade through the tangent-laden verbosity of ride descriptions (44 rides should not require a 248 page book.) Brevity is not only the soul of wit; it’s also the soul of a first-rate guidebook.

Downside: Maps would benefit from more detail

Cost: $16.95

Buy it at: Order it through your local bookstore or