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Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys 2012 Online!

08/20/2012 - 00:39
08/20/2013 - 00:39

July 16,Cheap Jerseys Forbes magazine released this year global 50 a most valuable sports club ranking, the NFL 32 teams all list, is has purchased the team most sports alliance, and in front of 10 occupy 4 mat.Forbes magazine believes that, although the two front by European football giants occupied, but the real mistress is NFL, last year a new labor agreement later, they more rapidly to the trend in development, cowboys stadium after completion of $1.2 billion per year,NFL Jerseys Wholesale sell tickets and various sponsorship added up to 100 million, rate of return is amazing, these sponsorship mostly from American telegraph and telephone company, bank of America, ford motor, Pepsi cola etc big enterprise. Red one of Washington's attendance although declined, but with fedex reached for 27 years, $27 million worth of sponsorship, and in the draft pick to this year the most concern rookie, one of Robert griffin iii, with great confidence into the new season.Forbes said, NFL new labor agreement will be 48% of the income as a player salaries, instead of 54% of the 2010 season,Nike Jerseys and for the team and alliance to set aside more capital, plus the main television contract value than the old increased 62% to $5 billion each season (2014 effect), so each a NFL team benefit from it, NFL team average value as high as $1.02 billion, far beyond any other sports league average. NBA only the lakers and knicks list,Cheap Jerseys the lakers ranking higher than last year and position, but single theory value, there are still 24 a NFL team in the lakers' above.