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AVS Nutrition your trustworthy partner in CFM

08/22/2012 - 03:59
11/22/2012 - 03:59

When comes to choosing any contract food manufacturer in Australia, consider relying on AVS Nutrition. This assembly is amongst the foremost groups in catering quality stuffs like private label supplements, sports powder, weight loss powders, Greens Super Foods, Private label protein and so on. AVS Nutrition could be termed as your one source way out for plethora of your dry ingredient external manufacturing requirements. You can find out a number of solutions coming through AVS, which includes things like consumer packaging, spray drying and dry blending. The kind of skill and commitment available by the AVS Nutrition is par with higher quality. This means that all your exact needs and necessities could be met suitable on time and on spec. The behind are the imperative benefits which you would enjoy opting AVS Nutrition as your contract manufacturer. Let's go through these .

Use advance level technology: At AVS, you could see all the modern technologies being employed for manufacturing private label foods. The plow blenders used at AVS plants are high speed chopper blades which allow the introduction of oil, fats and liquids. The double ribbon blenders found at AVS happens to be gentle and versatile having a blend time of around 10 to 20 minutes. The use of modern technology has made things simple for the private label vitamins.

High efficiency: AVS is popular for its productivity and efficiency while working in different private label vitamins projects. Thanks to the modern equipments and machines employed at job along with high knowledgeable workers which are recognized high level productivity. The blending process employed at this position is amongst the most accurate and consistent in nature, thus supporting the clients to save their valuable money and time.

High food safety levels: AVS is promised high level safety. This is the basic reason why you would see AVS is committed to high quality certifications and strict food benchmarks to cater you a good peace of mind . AVS facilities are certified by the quality assuring agencies which means it delivers high quality food products.

Reputable services: When you talk approximately quality during vitamin manufacturing, you can just rely for high extent of safety, higher quality and efficiency. The company has escalated the contract blending, spray drying and packaging requirements to a anonymous extent . The plants are always seen audit ready which means it assures high quality . The company has the know-how and qualifications to produce the same outcome you expect. The clients often feel protected while working with AVS along with enjoys greater confidentiality controls. A large amount of clients are there to vouch for high quality services.