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Contributor Guidelines

Get Out! looks for writers who are professionals in the field with both reporting and writing experience. Writers must also be outdoor adventurers who engage in the sports they cover. We pay 20 cents per word.

Get Out! features cover the traditional, the new, the interesting, the funky and the downright fun outdoor adventures and environmental stories that are happening in the Ohio River region. We are looking for insight, expertise and information that will entertain and inform our readers. We are not afraid to be funny, poignant, righteous or radical. 1,500 words maximum.

Destinations articles provide our readers with basic information and resources for great trips in the Ohio River Valley region. Activities include hiking, backpacking, road and mountain biking, paddling, climbing, spelunking, snow sports as well as any other interesting activities that can be pursued in the great outdoors. All destination articles include contact info, where to stay/eat and outfitters. Up to 500 words per destination. Contributors are responsible for procuring publishable-quality photos to go along with the destination piece.

Skill Set articles provide step-by-step guidelines for learning skills related to outdoor adventure. Previous Skill Set pieces include reading a topo map, tying knots, geocaching and the perfect backpack weight.

HEALTH and NUTrition stories provide practical advice on health and nutrition for the active outdoor athlete. We do not cover fads or pharmaceuticals. We interview regional experts. 500 words.

Green up Your Act provides practical advice on everyday green living, especially as it reflects the lifestyle of people interested in outdoor adventure. It's an entertaining and informative how-to that includes resources for further information. This department also includes interviews with regional experts. 500 words.

If you're interested in contributing to Get Out!, please contact us and send your idea along with a link to your clips, resume and, if applicable, photography samples.