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Bemco Backpacker Oven

The 24-ounce Bemco backpacker oven

If you’re into gourmet backcountry cooking or even if you’re just a gearhead, wow your friends at camp by whipping out the aluminum Bemco Backpacker Oven. The oven will heat to an even 350-400 degrees within a couple of minutes. Pop in your small pizza, brownies or biscuits and you’ll have your dish baked within 15 minutes with nothing burning or sticking to the pan. (Be sure to follow directions for seasoning the pans or you will have stickage.)

The smallest version weighs in at 24 ounces and collapses to 1 ½ x 7 x 12 inches, making it an oven you really can take on a backpacking trip. You need a backpacking stove that has a separate fuel canister (like the classic MSR Whisperlite) to provide the heat for the oven – even a good pop can stove will work. Be aware that a single unit stove like a Jetboil will not work. The oven is a good deal, considering it costs less than most backpacking stoves on the market.

Downside: The directions look like they were written by a Nigerian prince; don’t worry, the oven is legit.

Cost: $39.95 (7-inch oven) to $79.95 (9-inch oven)

Buy it at: Your local gear shop (ask them to carry it) or