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Get Out!

150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future

Get Out!, the book. Photo by Mary Reed.

Get Out!, aside from having a great name, has other good qualities – namely, it is a tidy little book of 150 quick ideas to get kids out in nature and to teach them basic green habits. For example, look for squirrel highways, build an owl box, or try the old standbys like stargazing or cloud watching. Green actions include writing a letter to the editor, keeping a compost pile or drawing pictures to frame light switches with themes like “Don’t feed the energy monster.”

This book is best for someone with an affinity for getting kids out and getting them motivated, but doesn’t necessarily have a bag of tricks at their disposal. As an added bonus, even someone with ADD can access the tips quickly and easily – often fewer than 100 words per entry.

Cost: $10.99

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