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Write It Down! Journals

Write it Down! Photo by Mary Reed.

I keep a notebook in my car at all times. This notebook contains journal entries from past trips, contact info on favorite campgrounds and restaurants, tips gleaned from other outdoor travelers and a complete car camping gear list. Pretty organized, huh? It’s an anomaly, trust me. Skip the years of trial and error and go straight for the Write It Down! journals. The line offers a variety of activity-based journals and sizes: a full-sized (7 ½ x 9 inches) camping journal (Name: _____ Phone Number: _____ Ideal Site #: _____ Most memorable event: _____ and so on) to a pocket-sized (3 x 5 ½) hiking journal (Hiked with: _____ Location: _____ Sightings: ______ etc.) and a lot in between, including a cabin journal, ski/snowboarding journal and others. You can also order a personalized journal. These books are spiral bound so they’ll lie open and they have a thick cardstock cover for protection. They’re even made in the U.S. on recycled paper with soy-based ink.

Downside: Waterproof paper, or at least a waterproof cover, would make these much more durable for outdoor use

Cost: $5.95-$18.95

Buy it at: Your local bookstore or