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New Zipline Canopy Tour for Mohican, OH

Tree Frog Canopy Tours will open late July 2010 in northeast Ohio's Mohican River valley.

Zip Ohio LLC, a Mansfield company; announced the development of a canopy tour
installation 10 miles south of Loudonville.

Bonsai Design, based in Grand Junction, Colorado is both the course designer
and installer.

The tour design includes two sky bridges, two rappels and seven zip-lines
ranging from 145 feet to the final 1100 foot final traverse. Total tour
time will be about 2 1/2 hours with tours departing the welcome center every
half hour. Each tour will consist of eight guests accompanied by two
guides. The tour is not only designed to be fun but to give guests an
appreciation of the biodiversity of the Mohican area. The course is
designed to exceed ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology)
standards and all guides will be ACCT certified. About 35 guide positions
will be available.

Guest will wear climbing helmets and harness and be attached to zip cables
via a trolley. Guest will be tethered onto a safety point at all times.
Anyone over ten years of age that meets the basic weight and heath
requirements can participate in the tour. Additional information is
available at the company's website Tree Frog
Canopy Tours is located 9 miles south of Loudonville off of Wally Road.

For more info, contact Bruce Baker at 740-599-2662 or email at