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09/25/2012 - 03:55
09/25/2014 - 03:55

NFL (National Football League, referred to as the NFL, Chinese translated as "beauty ball") is the world's largest professional American Football League, is the world's most commercial value of the sports federation. In the United States, this is a charismatic movement, you may not know, ronaldo and zinedine zidane, messi,New Nike NFL Jerseys cristiano ronaldo, but you have to know jean Washington, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Steve Smith, T.O, Randy Moss, fanatical fans is often the focus of the game after the game. There are 32 teams in the league, because they are private investment, according to the operation mode, so also known as privileged member teams (Franchise). NFL is America's most famous professional football league, so also has the most fans. Other league also tried to and NFL competition, but didn't like NFL that get so much support, have so many fans. The NFL every team in its federation and competion area grouping. Compete for the NFL 32 teams is divided into two big federation: American Football federation (American Football Conference, referred to as the AFC) and the National Football federation (National Football Conference, referred to as the NFC). Each federation has 16 teams, and divided into four competion area: the east, south, west and north. Each competion area have 4 team.