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Yin and went north face

01/13/2012 - 05:17
12/31/2012 - 17:17

Not much, just think you're funny. "Wellthe north face outlet , I was very funny, all clown, proud? Drank a big gulp beer Heyuan suddenly stood up and pulled me by the arm and said: "go dancing. "I was dragged to the stage. Is the music made a trance I, but just watching fast-paced music movement, Hz. So handsome Ah, really cute! "Why do, jump! "Call me. Dance? I didn't know. Hey, not that huanghuang do? Give it a try and see it. And so on, there is a problem! Heyuan hold belly laughs there are rock, it appears that I am dancing really is bad. "HA HA HA! Where do you come from? "Oh, throw the dead! "Come, you will practice it's not just one or two, though don't want it, but Zhang Yu dancer is in the town of Acme. His special love and girl says to skip. Up to now can keep up with rhythms, Zhang Yu town girl, Yin when hyunbin is the only one. Now you try to be alternative yin who north face outlet benefit. "So me and Heyuan with rhythm and swinging wildly. Hard worker, I gradually found that feeling. Making love is in danger after the sound of music. When I have to go back to the table, Heyuan caught me by the hand of cool. "Not only dance dance, right? "Heyuan put my arms around him in the chest, I'm shy to put his hand on his shoulder. Suddenly my heart, "THUMP" straight jump, also seem to pop up a lot of sweat on his forehead. Boy is the first time so close contact. And the boy is not an ordinary boy! Was a lot of girls like business subjects most popular iconic figure of Shen He Yuan. See once again, I hesitate Heyuan firmly and put my arms around his chest. "Although there is only an initial, but in God. "" Is only an initial, sorry for you. "" Sort of, very fresh. "Xian sent me to the House, her in-laws are smile, only apricots on the face of the British cold. She said: "sister, congratulations on your son, I know you will keep a man. "Not hung up on my face, thinking: son is not the son, how can guarantees live then? What if I have sth Yin and went back north face outlet store "I have never done something wicked, now green up, down, if you are a guy, I think his name is called Chengde how? "So she said:" the Chengde! Chengde, great!