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corner of the north face

01/17/2012 - 05:48
01/17/2013 - 05:48

"He stared at me. "You eat gunpowder is the matter? Is there a mistake, I just don't want you to be called into the Office and go! "I want to also not roared out, then head up, eyes flashed a screen. I was standing in a corner of thenorth face outlet store classroom, silent flow my tears, a guy standing on a guy's chest, pulled the boys by the collar. "If you dare to harass ya Qin, next time, it is not that simple! "Say he looked up and smiled to me, and my face was sad suddenly all gone. Images go, I wander in front of a, a look of worry. Finally the door opens, just the boys walked out, pulled out a tired smile, why then pity, my hands covering his face. "Get you, I really do not know whether he is a neighboring you. "Boy rubbed my hair. "Fool, I can't help it, that man should not let him. "His arms around me, in spite of surrounding people to watch, then was so sweet, so happy. "What are you thinking! "Early morning sound of me from pulling out of the back, north face outlet yeah, I think, who is that guy. Bite biting his lower lip, heart is not sweet. "I say! You hear me not. Laugh laugh! "He's so domineering, is different from the memories of that person.. "Oh, Oh. That's all right. "I was immediately disappointed, head. After a good while, talking talent around. "Are you OK, did I just spoke said that heavy. "He felt my hair, familiar actions, it is a strange feeling? Why is that. "Having nothing to do. "I've just looked up, see Xu Ruofeng and lovely guy to us this way. "People, beautiful girl, do you think you are very familiar, but I can't remember. Do we have seen somewhere? "Xu Ruofeng came up and looked at me weird, twisted head seemed to be thinking of something. -After, we met in addition to the two, as if there will be no. However, who knows, after all, I was a man of amnesia, hehe ... Bleak smile a bit, just open ready to answer, being pushed to the back "and you see no reason why she, you head and convulsions. "Early morning seems to really hate the man, Hey.. This man was unlucky collection letters. "I'm just saying, don't be so excited. "Look of disdain my eye, slowly open, say one sentence so due to the flat ... !!! Crash!! Smoking a corner of the mouth, watching his arrogant expression, I the north face outlet really can't wait to tear up his most of the ' Ah, morning hate him, I didn't realize I still feel sorry for him, really poor people will hate the areas! "We go. "Morning, do not want to keep this in a moment.