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robbery of white family north face

02/10/2012 - 04:17
02/10/2013 - 04:17

Garden of clouds" and "Tan House" is in the adjoining, two halls is big different, "Temple of the fragrant cloud" long 500, nearly 200 meters wide, the Bai Shi with a family of Imperial officers and men gathered and, led by the Royal family and nobles, was 50 years ago by the three Emperor Bai 柟 rate of 20,000 the north face shop officers and men stationed in this. But since Bo-Qi Liu dynasties established, this functionality is replaced by shadow army, shadow army stationed inside of an imperial city, "Temple of the fragrant cloud" for 50 years, until today. Sent the sisters by high looking low, two people eyes aiming East looking West, and sweep Ah sweep of, suddenly found has a stretcher is crowd surrounded by s, just by "Xin cloud Temple" temple door entered Temple Qian square, stretcher Shang is a was blood stains, face Haggard of youth, Xu apricot as see of familiar, is moment and recognition does not out, she are wanted to turn asked themselves sister Tan as, is see Xu Tanru small mouth micro-Zhang, surprised of quietly said: "that not xiaomin did? "Surprised Xu XING, hastened to go back, sure enough, at the side of the stretcher Bai Min crowd seen in some unkempt, along with Mei Bai, Bai Han and the others, of course, she also recognized on the stretcher's young missing white broad of the multi-day, look more eyes, in front of the Palace was Mrnorth face shop CHAN Tung Li commanding the square? Xu Jia views sisters eye, two eyes meet a moment, have made the exchange of ideas with each other, and the two also blooms in a naughty smile on her face, body size, to the "garden of clouds" wafted past. White family that suddenly caught in two days, but not to one day, but was rescued by another group of people, while in addition to Bai Guang what nobody much harm, but most people still remaining throb with terror still exists, in confusion, nobody thought, where Bai Tong to do sth. in a fit of pique left to go. But then Bai Wen end in wanted to and the this thing, she this wanted to found Bai Shupan, escape a robbery of white family t north face online shop looking for, but Xu Ding Xinjiang for avoid beating the grass to frighten the snake, except Bai xu and he with into Imperial City outside, Bai Shupan, people are left in inner city of "green fine Ko" in the, and other of white family is