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not understand what north face

02/10/2012 - 04:19
02/10/2013 - 04:19

But anyway, knock out two little girls of house arrest should not, but Bai Meiming brilliant smile and blocking now, he didn't know how to say the next sentence, so hard the face turn, continued to cause other body guard tothe north face shop prepare the buildings themselves later Xu Ding and Jiang "communication". It was not long before, "get off the cream in the camp" under mass forces led by Xu Ding Jiang, had first arrived, South corner King and his party, after all, different than preparing for the military at any time, and the number is not required on "reducing war signed" customs clearance, so did not come together. Xu Ding Jiang arrived, they heard from Chen Dongli sent the two women, this time even he cannot help but frown, he was about to go, white jade like stone figure of enchanting have been out, Chen Dongli humming sound turn out to walk. Baimei upon seeing this, Xu Ding Jiang tongue gently said, "Chen Lung-nan will be mad at me? 」u Ding Jiang said, Xu XING Xu Tanru, and cannot help but its little face, Bai Min from being depressed to being surprised, did not understand what Xu Ding the north face online shop Jiang in his mind. Xu Ding Xinjiang see no one, shrug, he said: "I'm not popular, well, you love to play for a few days to play for a few days, I have things to do. "Say, Xu Ding break up and patted the buttocks will go out. "Xu Xiao Yeh. "Xu XING cried:" wait a minute. "" What? "Xu Ding go back to Xinjiang, surprised said:" what happened? "We come here, I do not know who is knock out also when the prisoners off for more than an hour, do the things you do not know? "Apricot pout mouth asked Xu. "There is such a thing? "Xu Ding Jiang surprised said:" who was so bold? "" You asked him that. "XING Xu, Xu Tanru while Bai Min said. "Sth" Bai Min on his face again, embarrassing, don't know what to say when, Xu Ding settings table, tried to say, "Gosh, I kindly saved you out, take on more risk? So the two of you little girl? "Bai Min not alone, even the Xu Jia sisters are quite a big jump.north face online Xu Dingjiang angry then says: "General Lu Jiao Dou at the door, Chen Lung-nan will also block them, where we save you? You immediately give me out of "garden of clouds", even if the mud was slaughter house right into the meat is not my thing. "Strange to say that, in addition to the table with a