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Upload 3D Videos to YouTube on Mac- Tutorial about How to Convert 2D to 3D Format and Upload 3D to YouTube

05/05/2012 - 00:24
05/05/2014 - 00:24

YouTube added a service of 3D video, people can share their wonderful 3D videos on YouTube. However, not every movie can be found in 3D format on YouTube, and not everyone has 3D videos stored in their Mac. So if people want to watch a movie which they like very much with 3D effect, they may be disappointed, because there may not have such a 3D video on YouTube.

To solve that question people developed 2D to 3D converter to create 3D videos from normal 2D files on Mac. Then things go easy, people just need a 2D to 3D converter for Mac, then they can convert any videos they like to 3D version. The only thing that matters is whether those 3D videos created by 2D to 3D converter clear or not. Some 2D to 3D converters may lead people to trouble of quality loss, but there are also some 2D to 3D converter for Mac work very well, and the professional Mac 2D to 3D YouTube Converter is such a 3D converter.

The Mac 2D to 3D YouTube Converter is specially serves for uploading 3D videos to YouTube on Mac. And this 3D to YouTube Converter for Mac is very easy to use, the output videos also have a good quality. Before converting people can preview the video to confirm whether the output meets their requirement or not. After converting 2D to 3D on Mac, people can upload these 3D videos to YouTube to share with others.

Step by step guide to convert 2d video to 3d YouTube on Mac?

Step 1:Install 2D to 3D YouTube Converter for Mac

Install and run 2D to 3D YouTube Video Converter for Mac, selcet the action that you need, include 2D to 3D, 3D to 3D and 3D to 2D.

Step 2:Input video and Setting

Import your source video and select the 3D type that you need.

Step 3:Preview and Convert

Click the convert button to convert your video, preview the video before you convert, after you click the convert button, you can set the output video format that you need or compatible with your devices, here choose .flv.