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"Fei" is not to utter a single word in Shanghai Bund playfulness and media play on the beat-vip christian louboutin shoes

05/07/2012 - 10:55
05/07/2013 - 10:55

The swimming world championships in Shanghai's number one star, the Beijing cheap christian louboutin vip Olympic Games "eight king" Phelps finally arrived in Shanghai. In the face of a large number of reporters to the airport, only extends to the front face of the microphone, Phelps simply ignored, left without a word. On the bus, Phelps picked up the mobile cheap nike shox vip phone to shoot outside the window is being filmed his media reporter. Shanghai world tour match after the op run nike free ening, the reporters are each other, exactly when Phelps arrived shox nike cheap in Shanghai, the United cheap louboutin christian States team has been tight-lipped. A few days ago the United States counterparts to disclose to the reporter, Phelps will be in 20 days to arrive, specific time is not clear. Eventually solve this puzzle is Phelps himself. Yesterday morning, at about 7, Phelps updated his twitter, content is "10 hours later arrived in Shanghai to participate in swimming cham co and tiffany cheap pionships". It is based on the twitter, reporters learned of Phelps's whereabouts, and man vip christian louboutin shoes y went to interview Yao Ming press conference, the conference ended straight to t cheap nike free vip he airport. Phelps and other American swimming team mates Rochette on Qantas QF129 flight, arrived in Sydney from Shanghai. Flights scheduled landing time is eighteen fifteen, the results of the flight ahead of time by about 20 minutes of landing. Although this arrived in Shanghai USA Swimming Team has more than the world's best first-class star, but the most eye-catching or Phelps. When wearing a yellow T-shirt, wearing a baseball cap "flying fish" pushing baggage car to c vip nike free run ome out, the scene immediately uproar. The coach Phelps pushing baggage car in front of the block, trying to protect his own disciples, can be due to many journalists and fans, unstoppable. Whether it is a reporter, or airport te cheap ken griffey rminal passengers, all to Phelps, e nike running shoes women veryone wants to be able to close contact with Phelps. From the airport terminal A2 passengers go to a bus, which is two or three minutes away, Phelps stuck in a jam for nearly 10 minutes. But, for the people's enthusiasm, Phelps appears very indifferent. He did not accept any interviews, and left wi vip tiffany jewelry thout a word. Eventually, Phelps in the staff and volunteers under the protection of his people, to get rid of cha running nike free se, the shox cheap nike long waiting outside of the bus. Boarded the bus, Phelps put down baggage with teammates, talk with a smile. In the car sits after deciding, photographers have not le discount louboutin christian t "flying fish", in s cheap co and tiffany uccession to his location shoots crazily, were tak...