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Import GoPro MP4 files to iMovie for editing- Convert GoPro MP4 to iMovie on Mac with GoPro HD to iMovie Converter

05/31/2012 - 03:00
05/31/2016 - 03:59

GoPro HD series camera is the best activity image capture cameras, and it is so popular around the world. Many people like it because GoPro HD Hero makes it easy for people to shoot activity videos and pictures. To confirm high quality output the GoPro Hero takes MP4 as its output format. However, that is a bad news for most Mac users, because MP4 is developed by Microsoft and it is not compatible with most Mac software, and iMovie is one.

So people who have a GoPro camera will be troubled with video editing issues. iMovie is a powerful video edit tool, and it is free for Mac users, many people used to edit videos with iMovie. But when people import a GoPro MP4 file to iMovie it will goes gray, that means iMovie doesn't support GoPro MP4 files, we must do something before editing GoPro files with iMovie.

Actually, things are very simple, what people need do is just convert GoPro MP4 to iMovie compatible files with a GoPro HD MP4 to iMovie Converter. And MOV is a good choice, it goes well with almost all Mac software. The GoPro MP4 to iMovie Converter is a professional GoPro HD converter specially designed for Mac users. It can convert GoPro MP4 to iMovie fastly, and besides that, it can preserve the original videos’ quality during converting. In one word, the GoPro MP4 to iMovie Converter is an ideal GoPro converter, it deserves a try.

How to convert GoPro HD MP4 to iMovie .mov files?

Stpe 1:Input GoPro MP4 video to GoPro MP4 to iMovie Converter

Free download the GoPro MP4 to iMovie Converter and run it and then import your GoPro .mp4 video into it.

Step 2:Select output format iMovie .mov

Choose the right format here we choose iMovie .mov.

Step 3:Convert

Click the "Convert" button to convert GoPro HD .mp4 to iMovie .mov directly.