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Various Series of Nike Mercurial Vapor 8

08/01/2012 - 22:27
12/01/2012 - 22:27

The Nike Clash Collection builds on Nike??s relentless concentrate on product design and innovation. Combining the modern lightweight materials, plate engineering and upper construction each soccer shoe meets the stress these days??s more technical and physical game. Each chosen color reflects the expression and type of play of each one boot, with Mercurial Vapor VIII featuring a solar red for explosive speed, Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII FG Clash Collection ?C White/Red on selling today !

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The Nike Clash Collection delivers highly engineered boots with sharp color contrast reflecting the clash of rivalries and competition we will have come early july. We??re celebrating that with distinctive and be noticeable color.

Built to deliver deadly speed and astonishing agility the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII will be the ultimate lightweight performance boot produced for explosive speed.

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Helping catapult the Nike Vapor VIII because the front runner for optimum speed boot available on the market could be the soft, supple and ultra-thin Teijin household leather that is specifically designed to fit around the foot just like a second skin, delivering natural touch and enhanced traction.

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The forefoot stud layout mimics the way the foot naturally interacts with all the ground. The size and style and shape of the studs also give the optimal volume of traction when pushing off in different directions. Two studs on the heel conserve the Vapor Viii boot get rid of the turf quicker for faster acceleration.

Should your game demands speed, then purchase the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII

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