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Reviews (gear, books)

The Woolrich Ten-Mile Crew

Woolrich Ten-Mile Crew Socks

By Jaclyn Boland

Looking for something to knock your socks off? Woolrich Ten-Mile Crew socks will make you do just the opposite. When I first put my foot in this sock, I stopped because my foot was in sock heaven.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Cincinnati

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Cincinnati

By Tamara York, review by Mary Reed

The 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles concept is one of the best things that has happened to guide books in recent years, and 60/60 Cincinnati is no exception.

The Icebreaker Atlas long-sleeve t-shirt, part of the Bodyfit / 150 series.

Icebreaker Bodyfit / 150 Atlas Shirt

By Attila Horvath

Ya know what stinks – literally? Synthetic clothes. After a day of outdoor pursuits, a polyester base layer will reek.

Buzz off, get it? Photo by Mary Reed.

Buzz Off

Two non-toxic bug repellents that really work

By Mary Reed

DEET is nasty, toxic – and effective. Problem is, non-toxic alternatives tend to do little more than give mosquitoes a nice hit of aromatherapy before they pierce into your skin. Not any more.

p.o.e. Sumo bag

POE Sumo Bag

By Mary Reed

Quasi dry bag, quasi around-town bag, the Pacific Outdoor Equipment Sumo holds 30 liters of stuff and beats the hell out of a canvas tote.

Endango board game.

Endango Board Game

Kids go green to save the animals

By Jorah Grady

Endango is a fun game for adults and kids ages six and up to play and “get green”! The object of the game is to move your three game animals from endangered to saved.

The prAna Whipsaw

prAna Whipsaw Messenger Bag

By Mary Reed

If your primary source of transportation is a bicycle, you can pretty much live out of this bag (it’s huge – 19 x 15 x 6 inches).

The prAna Mahdia Divine pants.

prAna Mahdia Divine Pant

By Jenaye Antonuccio

Putting on a pair of Mahdia Divine pants from PrAna is just that – divine. The soft 100 percent certified organic cotton with added spandex is like wearing a second set of your own skin.

The Laken Prisma 1 liter aluminum water bottle.

Laken Prisma Water Bottle

By Mary Reed

Pretty much everyone knows by now to avoid water bottles with BPA (bisphenol-A).

The p.o.e. pinata comes in pig, frog or fish.

POE Piñata Dry Food Bag

By Mary Reed

Ditch the sleeping bag stuff sack and rock routine for hanging your food bags, and invest in the Pacific Outdoor Equipment piñata – designed by backpackers whose sense of functionality is matched b

The SwissFlash 2G - there are lots of variations on this multitool.

SwissFlash 2G Pocket Tool

By Mary Reed

Next time you want to show off to your coworker what you did this weekend, don’t e-mail photos; instead, mosey over to their office and offer to upload some shots to their computer via the flash dri

Hold me. Touch me. Feel me.

Rock Candy Climbing Holds

By Mary Reed

If you’re looking for some tasty holds for your home climbing wall, check out Akron’s own Rock Candy Climbing Holds.

The Sierra Designs Spark 15

Sierra Designs Spark 15 Sleeping Bag

By Mary Reed

Sierra Designs calls it the Spark 15; I call it The Furnace.

The Lami. MBT has sport, casual and professional models.

MBT anti-shoe

By Mary Reed

If Crocs can become a fashion statement, then the MBT anti-shoe can take over the world. How’s that, you ask? It’s because the anti-shoe isn’t just ugly; it’s ugly with a purpose.

Some of our schwag from 2008.

2008 Gear in Review

In the inaugural year of Get Out! we’ve been able to present some of the best region-specific gear and books as well as some of the greenest gear ever made. And then some. Here’s our recap: