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Reviews (gear, books)

The Elaine Petrone Method - just balls and an instruction book. Photo by Mary Reed.

Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method

By Mary Reed

No, the Miracle Ball Method will not enable you to walk on water, but it can help relieve pain associated with muscle tension.

Room for body, lenses, flash and accessories. Photos by Attila Horvath.

Lowepro Orion AW Camera Pack

By Attila Horvath

If you want to use your digital SLR, lenses, flash, etc. while you adventure outdoors, how do you smartly carry your thousands of dollars worth of gear?

The Deuter Aircontact 60 + 10 SL

Deuter Aircontact Backpack

By Chris Stepp

Germans have long been admired for their engineering – just ask Mercedes – but the compliment applies to backpacks as well. Case in point: the Deuter Aircontact series.

Crank me. The L.L. Bean Wind 'N Go Lantern

L.L.Bean Wind 'N Go Lantern

By Attila Horvath

The Wind ’N Go might be the most practical light source other than a full moon on a clear night.



By Mary Reed

There are “remedies” and then there are remedies. StingStop, a topical treatment for insect stings, is a remedy that really works.

The Ultralight & Watertight .7

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight .7

By Steven Zeisler

This 8-ounce medical kit comes in handy for when life’s adventures become misadventures.

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL solo tent

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL Solo Tent

By Cassie Lane

The SL stands for superlight; at 2 pounds, 13 ounces the Big Agnes Seedhouse delivers on this promise.

The Jamis Aurora

Jamis Aurora Touring Bicycle

By Attila Horvath

Riding the Jamis Aurora is a reminder of what is joy it is to have the right tool for a job.

The Bicycle Book

The Bicycle Book

Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings

By Jim Joyce, editor

Opening up a new book is a lot like mounting a bike; in both cases, tremendous potential lies before you.

Trail Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Trail Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

By the Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council, review by Mary Reed

This is not a hiking guide. Trail Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park covers all trail activities – hiking, biking, skiing and horseback riding – in Ohio’s only national park.

Syzmo energy drink.

Syzmo Energy Drink

By Steven Zeisler

My buddy Andy drinks enough Red Bull to keep them in business – but now I have a healthier alternative for him: Syzmo (SIZZ-mo), the organic energy drink.

Photo by Mary Reed.


By Mary Reed

“Don’t let damaged equipment put an end to your expedition” is the motto of Rec’Repair emergency repair kit, made by Dayton’s own CRG Industries.

It's an image of the book, silly.

50 Hikes In Maryland

By Leonard M. Adkins, review by Mary Reed

You know the best part of Maryland?

Super-yum in this tidy little package. Photo by Mary Reed.


By Steven Zeisler

Where can you find a food bar that is made from all natural, whole, raw ingredients?

Brunton Solaris 12. Photo by Attila Horvath.

Brunton Solaris Solar Panels

Portable solar for the back country

By Mary Reed

There we were, a day’s hike into Dolly Sods wilderness for a Get Out!