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Reviews (gear, books)

Rachel Carson rocked.

Courage for the Earth

Edited by Peter Matthiessen, review by Meghan Holohan

When searching through books, I avoid “essay collections.” While some collections contain well-written essays, most lack interesting writing.

The GoPro Helmet HERO camera

GoPro Helmet HERO

By Colleen Kennedy

So there you are, pedaling, sweating, panting, working your butt off – ever get on that trail and wish you had a personal filming team capturing every minute of the trip?

Bringing Down the Mountains book

Bringing Down the Mountains

By Shirley Stewart Burns, review by Mary Reed

I cringe every time I drive into West Virginia to be greeted by the welcome sign that reads Open for Business (it formerly read Wild and Wonderful); that’s why I appreciate the preface of Bringing D


Miōn Flood Gate Sandal

By Colleen Kennedy

How about a way to reduce your carbon footprint while still leaving a physical one? Enter Miōn footwear.


The Keeper

By Mary Reed

Most outdoorswomen are grateful for tampons; they are pretty damn convenient. But who wants to pack them out from a backpacking trip?


A Fork in the Trail

By Laurie Ann March

By Colleen Kennedy

We’ve all grown up hearing the old line, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but this time go ahead and judge.

Southeast Ohio Bicycle Map

Southeast Ohio Bicycle Map

By Attila Horvath

There’s no shortage of road maps out there, but as any serious road cyclist knows, the typical map you can pick up at a corner gas station doesn’t take a bike rider into consideration.

Cheery title, ain't it?

That Dark and Bloody River: Chronicles of the Ohio River Valley

By Allan W. Eckert

By Jenaye Antonuccio

The Shawnees called it Spaylaywitheepi; the Iroquois, Oligensipen; and the French, La Belle Riviere. We know it as the Ohio River. Allan W.

Burley flatbed cargo trailer

Burley Flatbed Trailer

Burl(e)y Describes the Bike Trailer and the Rider

By Attila Horvath

Sometimes I foolishly think the Burley flatbed cargo trailer can save the world. From what, you may ask?

Eat me.

Enertia Trail Foods

By Colleen Kennedy

Camp food no longer means schlepping hotdogs, marshmallows and trail mix thanks to Enertia Trail Foods, Inc.

Red River Gorge Rock Climbs.jpg

Red River Gorge Rock Climbs

2nd edition, by Ray Ellington

By Attila Horvath

The best guidebooks don’t merely give you necessary info, they inspire you to go the places they describe.

Coopers Rock Bouldering Guide

Coopers Rock Bouldering Guide

By Dan Brayack and Tim Keenan (FalconGuides 2007)

By Mary Reed

Coopers Rock has long been known to climbers as the classic bouldering destination in our region. But until now, quick access to good maps and beta on the best problems was sketchy.

ECO Thermo 6 pad

ECO Thermo 6 Sleeping Pad

By Michelle Anderson

My five-year quest for a good night’s sleep in the woods has finally ended – and yours can too!