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Green Up Your Act

The New River Rendezvous was a zero waste event this year!

Host a Zero Waste Event

By Steven Zeisler

Outdoor events coordinators today are attempting to make minimal waste events so that we don’t add more trash to the ever expanding landfills.

Hey, where'd you get those cool stickers?

Don't Drink the (Bottled) Water

By Stephen McKean

At long last, it looks like our two-decade affair with the disposable water bottle may finally be coming to an end.

Photo by Rick Fatica

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By Colleen Kennedy

This past January, I went running outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I’m not crazy; the weather that day was just crazy warm. In the middle of January, Ohio shouldn’t be that warm.

Photo by Mary Reed

How to *Not* Buy an SUV

By Attila Horvath

We outdoor adventurers tend to transport a lot of gear in our pursuits, plus there ain’t exactly a bus stop at the trailhead, so realistically we do need to drive to the put in, the crag and so on.

Damn treehugger.

Save the Planet in 5 Minutes

Environmental activism on a time budget

By Matt Peters

Since “green is the new black,” suddenly it is hip to save the planet – but who has time?

Eat me.

The 100-mile Diet

By Randy Edwards

Amy Collins turned to buying locally-grown food out of frustration and guilt.

bike commute.jpg

Commute by Bike

By Elizabeth Boyle

I’m a desk jockey, but you’d never know it judging by the outfit I wear to work every day. It involves a funny hat and spandex pants.