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The view from Pinnacle Overlook.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

Some things haven’t changed much at Cumberland Gap, a dramatic V-shaped notch in Cumberland Mountain, since a mass migration of people passed through in the late 18th century – and that’s a good

A bull elk. Photo courtesy Carla Wehler,

Elk State Forest, PA

By Mary Reed

Things get pretty exciting come fall in Pennsylvania’s Elk State Forest – public displays of affection, males sizing up the competition, fights - and we haven’t even gotten to the free-roaming h

Crossing the Greenbrier River on the Greenbrier River Trail. Photo courtesy Pocahontas County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Greenbrier River and Trail, WV

By Mary Reed

The Greenbrier River and its parallel trail tend to make you dream big: I’ll throw the bike in the canoe, paddle it downstream, then ride back up, you’ll tell yourself, inspired by the un

Diving at France Park, IN. Photo by Sandi Chapman.

France Park, IN

By Maryhelen Mackin Chadwick

Where to scuba dive next? Aruba? Antigua? … Indiana? France Park in Logansport to be exact.

Catchin' some air at Timberline. Photos by Attila Horvath.

Timberline Four Season Resort, WV

By Attila Horvath

Bring your body armor and make sure your health insurance is up to date; trail names like Crash and Burn and features like R.I.P. Stone are not misnomers at Timberline.

The namesake Natural Bridge from Lookout Point.

Natural Bridge State Park, KY

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

Call it Arches National Park of the East. On second thought, just call it Natural Bridge State Resort Park, the epicenter of hundreds of natural bridges, 20 miles of trails just within the park boundaries and a deep forest its Western counterpart can’t touch.

The lighthouse of Lighthouse Landing fame. Photo courtesy Marty Colburn,

Lighthouse Landing Sailing School, KY

By Mary Reed

So you want to be a sailor but don’t know the difference between a tack and a jib?

Overlooking the Yough from the Laurel Highlands Trail. Photos by Mary Reed.

Laurel Highlands Trail, PA

By Mary Reed

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is Pennsylvania’s mini version of the Appalachian Trail – a 70-mile shelter-to-shelter footpath from Ohiopyle to the Conemaugh Gorge near Johnstown, allowing you

Bouldering in the Roadside Rocks area.

Coopers Rock State Forest, WV

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

“It’s still the golden age of bouldering here,” says Adam Polinski, a 25-year veteran of Coopers Rock climbing.

Taking a requisite rock-skipping break.

Blue River, IN

By Michelle Anderson, photos by Mark Steinmetz

Long stretches of river unspoiled by civilization, check. Plenty of swimming holes, check. Day-trip accessibility, check. Livery with rental and shuttle options, check.

Toproping on Rectangle Rock.

Hocking State Forest Rock Climbing and Rappelling Area, OH

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

It’s been said that if God wanted Midwesterners to be rock climbers, He would have put rocks in the Midwest.

Paddling the Upper Allegheny. Photo courtesy Allegheny Outfitters.

Upper Allegheny River, PA

By Paulette Dininny

The upper Allegheny River is 45 miles of narrow valleys, open country and wilderness islands where you can set up camp on a multi-day paddling trip.

Entering the Devola Lock.

Muskingum River, OH

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

Put your boat in Ohio’s Muskingum River and paddle back in time. As you travel down this state-designated water trail, you’ll have the chance to paddle through the country’s only remaining hand-operated locks

Cumberland Falls' moonbow. The photo shows the colors more than the naked eye, to which it appears white. Photo by Attila Horvath.

Cumberland Falls State Park, KY

By Mary Reed

Join your fellow phenomenon-seekers on the full moon and try to glimpse the moonbow at Cumberland Falls – one of only two places in the world where you are likely to see a nighttime white arc reflec

Tunnel 13, one of the many still passable along the North Bend Rail Trail. Photo by Mary Reed.

North Bend Rail Trail, WV

By Attila Horvath

If this 70-mile trail were near a big city, it would be famous. And crowded. And trailside amenities would be expensive.