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Photo by Nick Storm.

Garden of the Gods, IL

By Brian DeNeal

On summer evenings following rain, low clouds play over the hollows beneath the rock formations of Garden of the Gods.

At the Bear Rocks overlook.

Dolly Sods and Bear Rocks, WV

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

Dolly Sods Wilderness isn’t the kind of place you go to get away from it all – it’s the place you go to have it all.

Now that's a tree. Photo by Jarod Boulden.

Heart’s Content Recreation Area, PA

By Meghan Holohan

Hiking at Heart’s Content in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest will give you a picture of what settlers to Pennsylvania saw: 300- to 400-year-old beech, Eastern hemlock and white pine trees

Crossing the Germantown Dam. Photos by Mary Reed.

Twin Valley Backpack Trail, OH

By Mary Reed

You can count on two hands the number of backpacking trails in Ohio, so the state’s newest backpack trail is significant for that reason alone.

Riding through The Pines at Big Bear Lake. Photo by Attila Horvath.

Big Bear Lake, WV

By Attila Horvath

Competitive mountain bikers and trail runners in West Virginia already know about Big Bear Lake, home of 24 Hours of Big Bear, and 12-hour trail running events.

The Kentucky River Palisades. Photo by Abigail Laub.

Kentucky River Palisades, KY

By Abigail Laub

In the middle of manicured horse farm country, discover the Kentucky River and its majestic Palisades – 200-foot limestone rock outcroppings that tower over the wild, decidedly unmanicured river.

Narrows Bridge in Turkey Run State Park

Sugar Creek, IN

By Michelle Anderson, photos by Mark Steinmetz

If you’re convinced that there is nowhere between the Boundary Waters and the Appalachian Mountains to legally canoe camp, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Sugar Creek, in west-central Indiana.

Ascending the Headwall

Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata, WV

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

Let’s dispense with the warnings first, shall we? If you’re afraid of heights, don’t climb the via ferrata at Nelson Rocks Preserve. Just don’t.

photo by Mary Reed

Great Allegheny Passage, PA/MD

By Mary Reed

A hundred and fifty carefree, car-free miles of bike trail is enough to make the Great Allegheny Passage one of the best destinations in our region.

Zippity do da!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, OH

By Mary Reed

“Bird’s eye view” is usually little more than a cliché, but in the case of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, that’s exactly what you’ll experience during the two hours you’ll spend up to 60 fee


Mountwood Park, WV

By Attila Horvath

Once you hit the trails at Mountwood Park, you’ll likely see more white-tailed deer than other mountain bikers, even on a warm and sunny holiday weekend.

At Lake Hope

Lake Hope State Park, OH

By Attila Horvath

The U.S.

photo by Mary Reed

Cathedral State Park, WV

By Mary Reed

Those bumper stickers that read, “Daddy, what were forests like?” seem a bit melodramatic, don’t they?


Red River Gorge, KY

By Mary Reed, photos by Attila Horvath

If you’re a 5.13 climber, you already know The Red: home to some of the world’s sickest single-pitch sandstone sport climbs.

Mary Reed

Adventure Sports Center International, MD

By Mary Reed

If you’re a whitewater boater waiting for that elusive dam release, wait no more: Adventure Sports Center International has one going on six days a week (Wed-Mon).