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HEALTH and NUTrition

Chug! Chug! Chug! Photo by Attila Horvath.

The Impact of Dehydration

What to sweat and what not to sweat

By Michelle Anderson

This year in Beijing, Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier became so severely dehydrated he ended up in the hospital instead of on the mat during competition.

Si se puede! Photo by Mary Reed.

Positive Self-Talk

By Steven Zeisler

Picture this: You’re biking up a singletrack trail toward the top of the mountain; your legs are screaming, your lungs are about to explode, your pounding heart feels like it’s about to escape you

Don't tread on me. Photo by Attila Horvath.

What Will Kill You Outdoors

By Colleen Kennedy

You’re gonna die. The question is, how? Will it be a bear attack? Snake bite? Drowning while pinned under a boulder in a class V rapid?

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Acupuncture: Getting the Point

By Meghan Holohan

I must be the most klutzy active person alive. In almost every activity I do, I pull a muscle, tear a tendon, hyperextend my knee or turn my ankle.

Photo by Attila Horvath.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

By Mary Reed

I was born with both an insatiable appetite for the outdoors and some of the whitest skin you’ve ever seen.

Now *that's* what friends are for. Photo by Attila Horvath.

The Ultimate Motivators: Goals and Buddies

By Mary Reed

When I signed up for the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, an ultramarathon hike (nearly 35 miles in one day), I figured it would be much easier to train with a partner and a friend.

Eat me.

Eat Healthy on a Budget

By Colleen Kennedy

I’m a poor college student. I’m sure at one point during your life you’ve been able to sympathize with my meager situation.

Me and my shadow

Going the Distance

The dos and don'ts of endurance training

By Alison Wayner

I nearly bonked during my 16-miler today: I was hungry (only ate half a granola bar before I started), dehydrated (one too many Blue Moons last night – hey, it was Saturday), and tired (consequence

Good ol' raisins and peanuts

GORP vs. Energy Bars

(Guess which wins)

By Alison Wayner

They promise to not only keep you full, but to fuel your performance.

The swan extends the spine and strengthens back  muscles.

Down to the Core

Pilates workout can improve flexibility, core strength, body awareness

By Julia Marino

Colin Shelton fully realized the healing power of Pilates a few years after a skiing accident that tore one of the tendons in his knee, resulting in surgery and pain.