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HEALTH and NUTrition

Yes, that's our attempt at a food pyramid. Photo by Mary Reed and Attila Horvath.

Pack Healthy Trail Meals

By Mary Reed

Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fat – can you really get all the nutrition you need when packing your meals for an active weekend (or longer) outing?

Giardia lamblia. Photo from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Protect Yourself from Giardia

By Jaclyn Boland

Ryan Halmer was on a backpacking trip when he ran out of water.

You may get some looks, but not enough vitamin D. Photo by Mary Reed.

Vitamin D in the Winter

By Maryhelen Mackin Chadwick

If you exercise outside during the winter, can you get enough sun exposure to manufacture the vitamin D you need?

A DIY first aid kit. Photo by Mary Reed.

Make a First Aid Kit

By Jaclyn Boland

Most first aid kits you can buy come premade, are convenient and take little work. But making a first aid kit homemade can have its advantages.

Hurts so good. Photo by Mary Reed.

Massage for the Outdoor Athlete

Rub your friends the right way with these basic techniques

By Mike Schiller

Instead of digging out the ibuprofen after your next outing, Kenn Howard wants you to consider Vitamin T.

Here comes the sun. Photo by Mary Reed.

Beat the Heat

Get out while avoiding heat-related illnesses

By Jaclyn Boland

When Krissy Moehl ran the Western States 100 in July, it was an especially hot day on top of the stress of an ultramarathon.

Julie Andrews would be proud. Photo by Mary Reed.

Hey, Sugar

What's the deal with added sugars?

By Michelle Anderson

If you read ingredient labels on your trail food, you may see sugar used to sweeten your snacks.

A nasty blister, if I do say so myself. Photo by Attila Horvath.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Blisters

Good shoes and socks, frequent foot checks should do the trick

By Mary Reed

We’ve all been there before: a blister so painful that one more step seems impossible.

The deer tick, that nasty little thing that digs its head into and sucks your blood. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Avoid Lyme Disease

If you do get it, it's very treatable

By Mary Reed

The only thing my friend Brian will do outside is golf. He calls golfing “outdoors lite” and attributes this affliction to an earlier one: he got Lyme disease

Keep that nap to 30 minutes or less. Photo by Mary Reed.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

By Mary Reed

It’s the night before your big running/biking/climbing/whatever event – you need to get up before dawn and it’s already 10 p.m. and you’re way too excited to sleep.

'Sup, supplements? Photo by Mary Reed.

Should You Take Supplements?

By Mary Reed

You’ve honed your training regimen and you closely watch your diet. Now, what about dietary supplements – vitamins, minerals and amino acids?

Warning: Contains peanuts. Photo by Mary Reed.

Learn to Read … Nutrition Facts Labels

By Mary Reed

You see it on many food products you buy – a nutrition facts panel. But when’s the last time you actually read one? More importantly, do you know what you’re reading?

Can we get this girl another layer? Oh. No? Okay, then.

Hypothermia Ain't So Hot

So avoid it - here's how

By Mary Reed

I once went snorkeling on an 80-degree day; the water, however, was in the 70s, and when I came out, I just couldn’t warm up.

Resolve to develop routines and keep records.

Make Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Stick

Resolve to develop routines and keep records

By Randy Edwards

Those extra pounds from cookies and eggnog may not be troubling you now, but come spring, they’ll feel like tons during the final stage of an off-road triathlon or on the steepest hills in a bike ra

Don't be blue.

Treatment for SAD: Get Out!

By Mary Reed

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – great acronym, BTW) is the clinical condition of wintertime depression – something that primarily affects people who live in dark, cold, winter climates.